Using Finder tags in AudioFinder

Is it possible to use Finder tags in AudioFinder?

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Hi there. No, I don’t believe it is possible.

Audio Finder creates and stores its own metadata which is separate from Data which is linked to files. i.e Comment or Tag data.

The simplest answer is that you’ll have to get the folders into Audio finder and then add your own custom tag in Audio finder.

As you can’t drag multiple folders into audio finder at one time this could be quite a tedious process as I assume you want to just block Tag all the files with finder tags with the same tag in Audio Finder.

Solution - One option is to drag all the folder into audio cortex 1st. As it just looks for the files it means you don’t have to deal with dragging folders 1 by 1. Let it analyse them and then drag into Audio finder after. (Time-Consuming but not too laborious & free)

Solution - Use a Metadata programme like this one
Drag the files into that and then into Audio Finder afterwards. It works much faster than Audio Cortex
as it’s just looking at metadata. (Cost £20 - may be a free trial)

Solution - Use the ‘Scan Set Setup’ option in Audio Finder under Library. Create a new ‘Scan Set’ - Then, ‘Edit Scan Set’ and add the folders 1 by 1. The click ‘Scan’ under the ‘Library’ Dropdown (More manual work but maybe the quickest solution)

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I forgot to say the in this case I’m only working with midi files. Since Apple scrapped midi support in Finder many years ago I have used AudioFinder for preview.
Since the application is called AudioFinder I assumed that it can be used instead of the Mac Finder but obviously that is not the case. Not a big problem, was just hoping to save some time when listening to thousands of files and trying to select and tag some midi files that could be useful.

I’ll be bringing more Finder Tags to support to AudioFinder, AudioCortex already has that FWIW


Right now I am going through a lot of MIDI files and it would be wonderful if I could rate them by accessing the standard Mac Finder tags in AudioFinder. Will this be possible?

I’ll be adding the ability to import Finder tags soon.

has this been added to audio finder yet? would love to use finder tags

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Unfortunately there have been no posts from Iced since March 24. And no update of AudioFinder.

Any update on this one? Is there anyway to do the reverse, that is, send AF tags to Finder?