What's next for AudioFinder?

I’m working on updating the UI and bug fixes. Feel free add feature requests here.

Single database sharing over network for multiple stations please!


did you try the shared Application Support method?

Meta data editing of multiple files is the big thing that’s missing. Apart from that it’s a truly excellent program, love working with it.


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i’m planning on expanding the meta data editing.

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Is it possible to playback Audio / MIDI in different pitches while maintaining the current time / length of the clip? Cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. For example, if I have a 7 second audio loop and then click set the octave on the on-screen keyboard to -1 and then try to play it back it will take like 12-15 seconds to play once through at the slower pitch. Any way around this? Seems like this should be possible, right?

Bug report:

  1. The “List Text Color” option was DEFINITELY NOT available when I first ran the update, but now it’s there. (The other two color changing options were there, however)
  2. Now that the “List Text Color” option is there, it doesn’t work :frowning:

Feature Requests:

  1. Wish you could add tokens for “Sample Rate”, “Comments”, “File Length” etc. into the filename for Power Rename tool

Love this new forum. Instant preview of your post!? Sweet!

The interface is rapidly evolving after years of looking the same. The list color most definitely works. Check out this monstrous setting I just tested.

Yes, you are right! I restarted the program and it’s been acting normally ever since. I did lose the list background color and stripe colors I originally set, but now everything works well even after multiple restarts! Thanks for screenshot that only it’s mother could love!

Re: networking - when we share a database over the network, we can run only one instance of AudioFinder at a time. If you start a second station linking to that database the app never opens. If you close the first one, second will open. Gigabit Ethernet connection. Very confusing.

Currently when a file is missing, AF pops a dialogs asking “Blah blah. Is the file offline?” The only button offered is ‘OK’. This dialog is popped whenever a missing file is selected in a list. You can’t remove the file from the database from the main list, as far as I can tell.

I understand how to use the database manager to prune or relocate missing files. But it would be nice if you could remove a record right from the main view. It would be nice if the dialog had something like " is missing" [Ignore] [Remove] [X] Apply to all

This would be especially useful for saved lists, which as far as I know, can’t be pruned with the database manager.

After deleting the first saved search (in BIN), since the selection automatically falls on ‘Find Duplicates’, the search begins by itself. It’s not terrible but bothersome to wonder what happened and to then to have stop it.

Currently 5.1 surround .caf files seem to play back to the first six audio outputs on the system. Since I monitor in stereo, I can’t hear channels 3-6. I suppose there’s a way to reconfigure my audio to mix everything to stereo, but then that would apply to every app. That’s a problem because I use those audio outputs for other things like headphone mixes and effects loops.

It would be convenient if Audiofinder had the option to mix 5.1 to stereo. Not sure if there’s a standard for channel assignments within a .caf, but obviously L = LFront + LRear + Center + LFE, and R = RFront + RRear + Center + LFE.

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I’d like to request that favorites are stored immediately upon selecting them. This way the favorites bin will be populated the way you last left it, no matter whether you quit, shut down or crashed. This way, one can save favorites as a list when the time is right.

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Currently AF uses Mac’s Quicktime/Coreaudio MIDI player for .MID files. This works nicely but the sound font provided by OSX is very small and sounds bad.

This suggestion is to provide built-in support for playing MIDI files. One possibility is to use the same open source solution previously used by VLC: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fluidsynth/

VLC’s preferences UI provides choice of soundfont file, which allows playback of standard midi files using good sounding samples, such as the one described here, among many others: http://www.synthfont.com/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=167

I am interested in this because I audition MIDI files just like completed music tracks, in cases where I plan to arrange an existing composition for a soundtrack.

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Currently, clicking on a list item’s checkbox selects the item and begins playback from the start of the file. This is the case even if the item is already selecting and playing, resulting in an undesired restart of playback.

Ideally checking an item would not even select it and start playback. If the user is selecting an item as a favorite, he already knows what it is. By not selecting and playing the item, the user can be auditioning another item uninterrupted by checking the last one. This will improve efficiency.

I like how the UI plays items on selection, but in the case of checking items, I think it gets in the way.

that’s not intentional. it’s an issue with the table view thinking the user clicked the entire row. i’ll see about a work around.

fluid synth looks like it’s not been updated in a while – more than a year since any changes. that worries me. when you take on a bunch of code from a 3rd party you often end up stuck in a quagmire when it breaks and no one is around to fix it. Currently AudioFinder only relies on a few external things like ReCycle, but that causes problems from time to time.

i’m going to work on the networking stuff. as i don’t have a network here, i need to build a real world environment for this. all i can say is it used to work better and then Apple made some changes and people have reported what you did.

yeah the "Blah blah. Is the file offline? is annoying, i can add the remove option.

you will see this in version 5.7.5