What's next for AudioFinder?


Thanks for making awesome software!

A way to group tags would definitely be cool.

Right now I am using the user fields to hep myself tag sound in my field recording library. So I have on field called “materials” (e.g. plastic, metal) one called “object” (e.g. car, footstep) and so on.

Bu I would really like AudioFinder to suggest tags that I’ve used before. So if I wrote “pla” AudioFinder suggested “plastic,” and so on.


Since this seems to be the “proper” place for this…

DAW (Ableton) Transport sync please! There’s another forum thread for this request already.


Hey everyone,

I’m Clément, I’m from Paris, France (please excuse my grammatical mistakes!), brand new user of AF and really fond of it. Thanks for this software!
Nevertheless I already have 2 features on my wishlist. I have to admit that even if I took some time to look for it, they might already be in the software without mer knowing.

  1. Choosing color for tags to highlight the most important for example.
  2. (and the most important in my opinion) The ability to group tags and to create a hierarchy in the tags. I already have a lot of tags and they classify my sound based on different orientations. Some tags describe a quality of the sound (distorded, clean, dark…), some other describe the pace (pulsatile, continuous, random, irregular, …), etc… I think it would be useful to organize the tags in some ways (groups of tags, groups of synonym tags, hierarchy of tags…) making tabs maybe or a dropdown list.
    Thanks for reading!
    Happy classifying to everyone!


Hi all,

I switched to AudioFinder from SoundMiner back in December last year, and so far it’s been great except for a couple things that were damaging to my workflow. Apologies as these requests have probably been raised by other uses.

  1. Multiple Databases - I would really prefer there to be separate, nameable databases that the “Database Search” feature could be used on. The fact that Lists can only be filtered and thus behave differently in searches makes them not as useful to my workflow as the ability to have multiple databases.

  2. The Processing Output Folder - In my workflow, I would like to be able to modify the pitch of a sound with the keyboard and then directly process and spot that sound to the timeline of my DAW. The extra steps of having to first process the sound, creating a junk duplicate in the Processing folder, and THEN spot that new file is less desirable than the way SoundMiner handles this.

In general though, a great program - thanks!


Disable the Autopilot Playlist from auto turning itself on would be great.
Right now If I forget to disable it each time a sound is opened from Finder everything in AF browser auto plays.
Thanks for your hard work on this super cool app!


I wish

  • complete Support for flac - this is number one Wish
  • Waves Plugin Support
  • reading and writing tags from the audiofile
  • some things how it works in the finder moving files, and rename single files, not with complicate menüs or shortcuts.


I work with a lot of ambience files, and the waveform display is very small. I’d love to be able to do a vertical zoom on the waveform so I can see small events in quiet recordings.

Many thanks for your great software!


An AI feature which lets group similare sounds into smartfolders whould be interesting.
That would allow us to group sounds by its timbre and not any name.

Something like :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMLylqa5Gck //similar sounds like w2ithout that gui would be enough


Adding KeyFinder to automatically tag / rename sounds with its key.

Free opensource code here:


Full Dark Mode support


Waves plugin support Please!!! Really miss not having access to them!


Pleease add the ability to drag files to folder inside AudioFinder, that would make sorting samples into folder much easier, eg like it is possible on PC using Resonic


It would be great if you could add a post-roll amount to the preview of a sound so when you are using the audio units that create a tail or latency you get to hear the sound finish instead of getting cut off. Currently, if i use a plugin, say reverb and preview a small sound the reverb tail gets cut off when the audio file stops.


I’d really like a way to import the auto tags from Samplism. The thought of manually tagging all my libraries at this point makes me feel faint.