What's the point of this forum if the developer doesn't even read / care about the posts?

Just confused, I posted a few things here and I check in every now and then, to see if there’s any comments or responses etc. Seems like this forum is completely useless. Nobody’s issues get resolved, no recommendations are addressed and it seems that no updates are expected in the future EXCEPT… for their upcoming products / advertising that’s where the attention seems to be.

This app has so much potential, i feel like it’s being discarded / waisted. Just a bit disappointed…

Am i just an asshole or does anybody agree?

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Can’t disagree… Pretty much hit the nail on the head…

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dude if you are like me and use this software every single day for multiple hours sometimes then we feel the same confusion about the future and this forum. I would be happy to pay MORE $$$ to the developer if he could enhance it further and actively support us.

maybe we should just be more proactive in supporting each other?

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Not sure what we could do, I don’t code or program lol

If this forum was the landing page, people wouldn’t buy this anymore, just saying…

As far as I know, it’s mostly a forum for users to exchange how they’re working with the app, help each other or discuss features. It’s just a place to give us that possibility, not a marketing tool.
I doubt that it’d be better if that forum just wasn’t there, even if business here is rather slow sometimes.